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[Mixtape] @JustRichGates – Tony Richtana :: #GetItLIVE! @LiveMixtapes @DJBenFrank @MixMonopoly

Dj Icemans August Series (Boom Bap Vol 1-4) @dj_iceman

So Dj Iceman the Brooklyn born,Washington resident beatmaker is coming with a series of 5 track beat EPs in the month of August. uggs pas cher en ligne “I just wanted to do something a little different, nike air max 90 so every Saturday for the month of August, nike air max pas cher im gonna release a 5 track beat EP. New Balance Baskets after the series im gonna let things marinate for the rest of the year lol” each Ep will be on all streaming outlets as well as the individual beats will go up on Dj Iceman’s website ( on the day of release. moncler sitemap its gonna be interesting how things shake out.

Frankie Flawless-Darker Days @FlawlessBeard @dj_iceman

I Am J Dubb (@I_am_jdubb) ft. @bcmoneyman86 – “I Want Some Money” (@mikeellisspeaks @llkingarthur @Dewane_konvict)

Rippa – “I’m Ben” (Chun-Li Freestyle) (Video) @FOLLOWRIPPA

MethisMacs / Paul Kalkbrenner – MIDNIGHT MILK (@methismacs) #Experimentalfilm Music Project

Jordy Sam x Young Lew – “Addicted” @Jordysam43 @2LiveLew @360savagej

Craig Mack- Dont Worry Mack Tonight (Prod By Eric Sermon) @iAmErickSermon @DJDIAMOND @dj_iceman

Craig Mack was a Hip-Hop staple. with a unique voice and style like no other he was the cornerstone of Bad Boy and an ambassador of the funk. and his untimely passing in march of this year left a void in Hip-Hop that wont be filled. but before his passing he was in the studio making some bangers and his friends and family got these songs together for a new album. and here is the first single “Dont Worry Mack Tonight” with production from Eric Sermon, mixed by Lenny Ace, and scratches from friend and long time collaborator Dj Diamond The Artist, Craig Mack is gonna heat up the summer once again.


Hontiss-Unleashed @TeamHontiss @HONtiss @dvaliaskhryst @dj_iceman

Born on March 16, In Brooklyn, New York, Hontiss is a rising solo rap artists as well as a author, songwriter, and entrepreneur. She is of Brazilian and Indian decent; it was her early childhood resemblance to the Indian princess Pocahontas that coined her the moniker “Hontiss”. Hontiss emerged into the rap game the summer of 2010 with the release of her song “Love of my Life” featuring reggae superstar Gyptian. Since then, her resume of hit songs and collaborations have gained her well deserved fame.
Hontiss love of music stemed from her parents who were avid fans of Soul/R&B music, and also from her family who created a successful group band. Having this early exposure to different genres of music shaped Hontiss desire to pursue music and put her own testimony into words. Life was not easy for Hontiss and her struggle is something she puts into her music to allow her listeners to feel the real her.
[ ] Growing up Hontiss was not the typical kid, her experiences led her to take interest in things kids her age should not have any knowledge of. Dolls and games did not excite Hontiss, she was drawn to guns, fast money, and life in the streets, her differences became her platform to write books and songs to cope with her environment.
Hontiss is on a rising slope to fame, using her rockstar personality as fuel and her uncensored words to lead the way. Her Ep will debut late October 2017. Today Hontiss has hosted parties with celebrities such as TI, PNB Rock, Cardi B, And Jada Kiss to name a few, she has also collaborated with 50 Cent and all the G unit members. Her recent appearance on Phreshers official remix “Wait A Minute” Vevo music video, featuring Remy Ma and Young Ma, has boosted her momentum to fame.
The drive and passion that Hontiss hones is what makes her stand out from the crowd, and with that the possibilities are endless, Hontiss holds the future of rap, there is no limits when discussing her career and talents. Hontiss is here to stay, so move closer and pay attention because she has a story to tell and by all means it will be heard.


KOOL A.D. (@veeveeveeveevee) – Things Fall Apart (via @SpvceRecords)

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